The Work-based Learning MARKETPLACE

Business Partners

Business partners, we'll meet you where you can meet us.  We make it simple for you to connect with these opportunities using facilitated scopes of sponsorship.  We help manage your sponsored exposure to the school systems.  We move at the speed of business and can show you how to help speak into the lives of the next generation workforce.

Information with updated contact information for Bob and PPBEA Sponsoring a work-based learning opportunities

PPBEA utilizes the Colorado Workforce Development Council's Talent Found model of the work-based learning continuum as a foundation for our K-12 workforce development program.

  • Speakers bureau (for class presentations and career information sessions)
  • Job shadows or in person informational interviews (2-4 hour duration)
  • Capstone project mentorship bureau
  • Internships (60 or 120 hour durations)
  • Pre-apprenticeships (start building your own talent pipeline to demanded occupations)

Apprenticeships (PPBEA is an intermediary sponsor and can help you create and manage any occupation you wish to apprentice)

How to work with PPBEA to create a work-based learning opportunity for posting at the MARKETPLACE.