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Members of our business community can participate on an organizational or on an individual, professional level. How can you participate?


Types of Opportunities

Types of Opportunities

To help educate and train the next generation workforce, we work with our business partners to create high and low intensity types of work-based learning opportunities that are primarily focused on student career exploration, project-based learning, and occupational investigation.

  • Class Presentations
    A low-intensity activity that is primarily focused on student career exploration. Industry professionals will be invited to provide a broad exposure to their industry and occupations.

  • Site Visits
    A low-intensity activity that is primarily focused on student career exploration. Site visit/field trip hosts will be invited to provide a plant tour along with a broad exposure to the subject industry and related occupations to a classroom-sized group of students with a teacher chaperon.

  • Speaker's Bureau
    Speakers bureau volunteers may be asked to participate individually or as a member of an industry or career panel, to share career or economic information and/or subject matter expertise with a group of students, parents and/or staff. This is a low-intensity activity.

  • Mentorships
    A mentorship is a medium intensity work-based learning activity that is primarily focused on project-based learning. Professionals from the community share their subject matter expertise with a classroom of students, a small group of students, or individual students involved in experiential learning or capstone projects.

  • Job Shadows
    A job shadow & informational interview is a medium-intensity activity that is primarily focused on student occupational investigation. These experiences are one-one with an industry professional that allow a student to interview and observe an industry professional in a work setting.

  • Internships
    An internship is a higher intensity activity. It is a structured work-based learning experience of a duration of 60 or 120 hours that meets requirements for elective course credit for a student. Generally reserved for students ages 17-18 but work rules could allow internships to age 14.

  • Jobs, Training & Apprenticeship
    These opportunities are provided by employers, educational institutions, training institutions or community organizations. Opportunities may include, educational camps, training programs, certificate programs, volunteering, apprenticeships or job postings for students

Employer Storytelling Outline

We encourage all professionals to incorporate a career storytelling outline during all work-based learning opportunities.

  • Welcome to students
  • General overview of industry and business
    • Why should students be curious about this industry or business?
    • Give an overview of occupations available within this business
  • Presenter career story
    • As a K-12 student
      • What did you want to be when you were growing up?
      • Did you participate in any type of experiential learning as a student? Examples: job shadows, internships, etc.
    • What was your first paid job?
    • Share your professional development story
      • How did you get where you are?
      • What were the challenges you have faced?
      • How did you overcome the challenges?
      • What are the rewards?
    • Illustrate and describe a “day in the life” of your occupation
  • Provide details regarding the skills, education and experience to qualify to enter occupations in your business
Employer Storytelling Outline
Next Steps

Next Steps

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  • Click on the Business tab in the Menu
  • Locate your Business Name and View Details
  • Scroll down to Opportunity section and click the + to add new
  • Input all required information and submit for review
    • Remember PPBEA staff is here to help if you need us
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