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I personally appreciate PPBEA’s involvement in getting students excited about manufacturing and CAD design. When I was young, a similar field trip solidified in my mind that design and manufacturing would be a great career direction for me. After 39 years of design / build experience, I am still happy with that choice! It is easy to see that your team is going to be making a large impact on area students. Thanks for all you do!

William E. "Doc" Pounds

Executive VP, Technical Fellow, Conceal Fab

The PPBEA vision gives a realistic idea to students that do not want to go to college or cannot afford to go to college they still have so many opportunities. For those students who are going to college, they have a better understanding of what type of work experience they will need to go into the workforce. The Broadmoor Employment team is committed to looking at our processes to expand on job shadowing/internships and we will continue coming to any schools and Career Expos to speak and share our expertise in the hospitality field. It has been nothing but a pleasure to participate in the PPBEA program and we look forward to working closely with the partnership to get the opportunities that The Broadmoor has to offer out to our schools in Colorado Springs.

Paige E. Taylor

Employment Manager, The Broadmoor

Now that we are halfway through year one of the Culinary Initiative, I must say that I am amazed, not only by the quality of students, but the tightness with which we have been able to weave this partnership. The primary idea behind the entire program is to connect industry and education and this is happening at a level I have never witnessed. Programs from our professional culinary school have been incorporated into the classroom and the classroom has even been used to practice skills learned on the professional site. The symbiosis is staggering! And the kids themselves are growing at a rate I have not seen before. The students are learning from all directions and becoming stronger every week. And this is halfway through year one. It is amazing! The goal of preparing them for the real world is a very tangible and achievable one that we can see so clearly. We are already looking forward to years to come. Thank you!

Victor Matthews, PhD

World Master Chef Emeritus, Paragon Culinary School

This collaborative career effort between the school districts will create energy and success around K-12 workforce engagement and learning while reducing employer recruitment fatigue stemming out of engagement with the multiple school districts and systems. PPBEA brings together the district schools under one umbrella. PPBEA also leverages the diverse resources and complementary systems of each district, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Our region needs this effort. Of all the strategic initiatives that I am either leading or supporting, businesses have been most responsive to this one. As I am employer myself, I see a lot of value from this initiative and its ensuing programs.

Yemi Mobolade

Vice President, Business Retention & Expansion, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC

The PPBEA Team was quick to connect me with Hoofprints to the Soul business owner Carroll Ellis. We used the PPBEA message center to arrange the presentation date and time. It was a very straightforward process. My students loved the presentation and I appreciate the work of Carroll at Hoofprints to the Soul and PPBEA so much. Thank you! I recommended the program to all of my colleagues at our staff meeting today.

Christine Layton

Colorado Springs Early Colleges