The Work-based Learning MARKETPLACE

Update History

Release v1.0.1


  1. Added two new school logos to Participating School Systems: Colorado Preparatory Academy and Pikes Peak Online School
  2. Updated PPBEA Marketplace Social Media links
  3. Updated display message when no active opportunity in opportunity list page
  4. Updated Event calendar color scheme
  5. Site admin can now resend invitation mail

Bug Fixed

  1. Fixed event title being cut off Company logo can now display with 100% width without cutting left and right edge
  2. Business champion page can now display correctly instead of blank page

Release v1.0.0

The MARKETPLACE is live! Students, Teachers and Business Representatives can now register to participate in this transformational workforce development initiative. We are encouraging all of you to do the following: Follow and Like all of the PPBEA accounts with your School, District, and personal accounts Send this email to those in charge of School or District accounts if it isn't you. Share/Retweet/Like the PPBEA Launch Announcement post on all accounts Promote the official launch of the MARKETPLACE to all staff and students  Encourage everyone to Follow and Like the PPBEA accounts to stay up to date on events, information and resources