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Your school system is part of a new community of schools work-based learning initiative called the Pikes Peak Business & Education Alliance (PPBEA). Our mission is to “connect students’ talents, interests and aptitudes to the economic landscape.” Teachers, counselors and advisory staff are a critical resource in helping students engage this process. The message we communicate to students as they progress through the K-12 system can alter the trajectory of their careers and their lives. The work-based learning process needs your help to engage classrooms and students in an experiential learning and knowledge transfer process.

Business professionals are at the ready to partner with education by informing and participating in the K-12 college and career-readiness process. The PPBEA has partnered with more than 100 local businesses that have sponsored over 200 work-based learning opportunities in hundreds of occupational areas and dozens of career pathways. We have room for nearly 6,000 students to participate! And, we continue to grow!

College or Not?

A student’s “college/no-college” decision needs to be informed with good information for the result to be most productive.

Flipping The College Decision

Carefully Considered Career Path
Informed Major or Training Program
Competency-Based Education Plan


A forced or misinformed college decision is a damaging endeavor for almost half of all students.

  • 45% dropout rate
  • $40k average debt
  • 33% underemployment rate
  • 80% employee dissatisfaction

Can a student’s talents, interests and aptitudes fit into a high-demand, high reward occupation?

There are tremendous opportunities in this new economy for high school and college graduates that will lead to students to satisfying and solid wage earnings. We just need to have meaningful career conversations that encourage students to explore, investigate and train in occupations that are in high demand in our economy.

High demand occupations in the Pikes Peak region include:
  • Nursing and related healthcare occupations
  • Information technology, computer science and cybersecurity
  • Skilled trades and technical sciences in advanced manufacturing & construction
  • Culinary arts and hospitality occupations
  • Business operations & customer service occupations
Fit into a High-demand, High Reward Occupation
Support Teachers, Staff and Counselors in Career Advisory and ICAP

How does PPBEA support teachers, staff and counselors in career advisory and ICAP?

  • Provide classrooms and students with meaningful information and support for their Individual Career & Academic Plan (ICAP)
  • Provide career counselors an advisory staff with current and reliable labor market information
  • Work with business partners to help inform career pathway curriculum and experiential learning
  • Provide classrooms and students with opportunities to learn about work, learn through work and learn at work
  • Provide college and career readiness curriculum and presentation content accessible online and in person

How can classroom and advisory teachers, counselors and staff participate in this process?

  • Set up an account so we can connect with you and provide training and support!
  • Browse the MARKETPLACE for work-based learning opportunities and resources
  • Encourage students to participate in mentorships, job shadows, internships and youth apprenticeships
  • Serve as a student sponsor (no big deal here! You will be a virtual chaperon!)
Participate in this Process

PPBEA District Work-Based Learning Managers

Academy District 20

Natalie Ihli
(719) 234-1333

Calhan School District RJ-1

Katie Parker

Cheyenne Mountain SD 12

Carrie Brenner

Colorado Springs School District 11

Melissa Smith
(719) 644-0200

District 49

Mary Perez
(719) 495-5533

Ellicott School District 22

Ed Ralston

Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8

Emily Sherwood
(719) 331-5616

Harrison School District

Alisha Duran

Lewis-Palmer School District 38

Jessica McAllister
(719) 867-8089

Manitou Springs School District 14

Kolleen Johnson

Peyton School District 23JT

Mary Krisko
(719) 200-5125

Widefield School District 3

Nicole Carter

Colorado Springs Early Colleges

Anna Solano
(719) 930-7044

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