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Welcome to the PPBEA work-based learning marketplace!  This site has been built for students like you in middle school and high school to help you connect your personal talents, career interests and aptitudes to the world of work in the Pikes Peak region.  On this site, you will find hundreds of industry professionals and businesses, many represented by people you know, friends and neighbors and other adults in the community who are eager to help you learn about careers, ask questions about specific jobs, to get some training in jobs that your interested in and, possibly, to help you get hired after you complete your education!  Combining work-based learning with your chosen K-12 pathway or CTE curriculum will certainly help get you on a path to future career success!

So, if you are going to be at work for a lot of your life, why not choose a career that matches your talents, interests and aptitudes, right?  That’s what PPBEA is all about!  And, we are here to help!

All you need to do is complete your student profile including telling us what your interests and aptitudes are.  And, if you know, tell us exactly what type of jobs or careers you would like to explore.  Then we can help you explore careers and get experience in a job you may want to do when you complete your education.  It’s easier than it may seem.

Some of you may have already taken a career assessment or interest survey.  If you have, you are in great shape to get started here!  If you haven’t, that’s ok too.  These types of tests can help you identify your strengths and current skill sets. They also suggest different careers paths that will allow you to utilize your natural gifts and abilities.  We will guide you through your profile process step by step:

Register for an account
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Complete optional interest Holland Code Personality Assessment and Aptitude/Competency Assessment!

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